Wednesday, February 23, 2011

About Responsibility, Again.


salaam to all.

All praises to Allah who still gave a chance to us to live our life, with Iman and Islam. without these ni'mah,we're nothing.

And again,learning to breath ....

there's still a long journey to walking to, for us.
so never afraid to face the truth

keep living, as time running , as time still given to you.... until you meet Him ~

Allah,please give me the strength

I'm studying mathematics 5(matrix) right now while listening the songs from my laptop. suddently, I remember something, something tha related to the responsibility... responsibility (huh! this word really makes my heart dub dab, dub dab...o_0).. these responsibility things always cross my mind since a few days before, since my 'Penasihat Akademik' (PA) ordered me to fill the MPP's form.. oh!God... it's something that I'm never mean to be. huh! so because of I don't want to disappointing my PA's feeling, I took the form that given by her and fill it. submit!

Tomorrow is an election day in my college. since I fill the form,submit it and got 20 copy of poster of myself (to make a campaign)I'm never make any campaign for myself to others and keep told them ''don't vote for me'' .. uhu! Am I so worst by doing this (what will my PA said if she know what I've done? -_-!! )

sorry to say, I hope that I'll not win the vote tomorrow coz for me, MPP is not a small thing.. it is related to the responsibility, such I'm said before, responsibility is not like a beans, you can eat it, then throw away its skin, the responsibilit is more than that. It is something that will ask, and will count there, in hereafter.. if you don't do your responsibility with the fullest, you will gain a punishment, a punishment by Allah,our only one God!

but if Allah says 'you are chosen to be one of them, Aisyah' ... I'll take it,with the fullest,insha Allah and I'll try my best to do my responsibility properly...

do pray for me,ea .. :)

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