Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I know that
I'm not an understanding person

Always do anything that i want to do
without care about anyone's perspective

Always quite alone in my own world
without care about anyone's feeling

Always want anyone to heard me,
without hearing what they need

I now
I'm not a good person
I'm not a good listener
I'm not a good advisor
I'm not a good partner
I'm not good enough in everything
and I'm already now about it

And now i'm still in my way
to satisfied you all
to be a good listener
to be a good advisor
to be a good partner
even sometimes i felt so hard
in my way to make you all satisfied

so don't push me
don't judge me
don't blame me
I just trying
and everything need my sacrifice

"kita takkan dapat memuskan hati semua orang,aisyah."nasihat Ijan suatu masa dulu
"tapi ana sekadar mencuba,Ijan..sudah terlalu ramai yang terluka kerana ana.yang sakit hati dengan ana,tak puas hati dengan ana."

"susah nak faham angah ni."achik.4 tahun lalu
"memang susah la nak faham."senyum dan berlalu

"just be yourself."mereka.
"jadilah diri sendiri."dia.
"jangan hipokrit."dirinya.
"jangan peduli ngan cakap orang.buat je apa ko nak buat."mereka.

macam2 yang orang perkatakan.namun bagiku ini bukan sesuatu yang hipokrit.cuma apabila menyedari sifat2 diri yang -ve,ianya perlu di neutralkan.memang kita takkan selamanya mampu untuk memuaskan hati semua orang namun untuk orang-orang yang kita sayangi,pengorbanan itu perlu.hati2 mereka perlu dijaga.jiwa2 mereka perlu difahami.dan bagi insan seperti aku,itu bukan suatu jalan yang mudah.

~theme song~

*kredit to sesiapa yang terlibat*


activity : belajar utk minat benda2 yang mereka minat.belajar untuk join aktiviti yang mereka suka.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Brave

With the Name Of Allah...

my future baby..huhu

everything have the beginning before the end and every beginning of something need us to be brave to face everything infront that sometimes need our sacrifice.

do you agree with me?erm,ok continue your reading...

when we was born,we learn how to speak,how to walk,how to run, how to read,how to write and we learn everything around us to make ourself be a human~ and maybe some of you thinking that all of these happen just because of the natural law but actually,have something that allow every these situations happen.who? ~ Allah swt

ok..back to the main our journey to go to our destination,we always have something that will be a beginning of our journey such Lao Tzu [1904] says "A journey of a thousand miles began with a single step." and such im saying before,every beginning that we made are need us to be brave.brave to bear everything that we have made.

if we think, now we are not at the beginning of our journey anymore but we were in the half or maybe at the end of our journey to go to the hereafter and no one can make sure that they will alive even just for an half second later so that let we think together about what we have done in our life before?...wich one more?the badness or the kindliness?

~Every of us are responsible to everything that we have done~

such im saying before,we need to be brave in everything even we are not the brave,if you think that you are brave to enter the Hell,i suggest you to make much of badness thing in this world and if you think that you not brave enough to enter the Hell,you must prepare yourself to be brave in striving to go to the Heaven because the heaven is not for the careless person!

is't fair,rite..both of these need us to be brave.either we want to enter the hell or the Heaven,we need to be brave~



~Air Asia~

im not the brave always scared with scared with His hell,im scared with my badness,im afraid with the scared and scared..even to walk in the city,i always scared to walk alone...

but i jut have something.i have my faith..i believe that i can.i can,i can,i can and i can...I CAN...INSYA ALLAH..(fuh!sentences pujuk hati sendiri time2 gemuruh n takut)

2 days left..i will going back to ktd.I have 3 things that make me scared :

1) alone..huhu..this is my first journey from sandakan-KL , KL-Kelantan via Air Asia alone..

2) Math..I dont like math but my mom advice me to take the short sem [math subject] ~ owh me (-_-")

3) im scared with everything infront me..takut jika Dia yang memegang hati ini,tidak sudi lagi untuk memegangnya..takut jika hati yang rapuh ini 'terjatuh' pada insan yang tidak sepatutnya
~ (T_T)

~Ya Allah,janganlah kiranya dunia dan seisinya ini mengaburi mata dan mindaku dalam perjalanan menujuMu ya Allah.berikanlah aku Petunjuk,Nur dan HidayahMu ya Allah.berikanlah aku keimanan yang tidak akan pernah hilang.tolong jaga hatiku dan peganglah ia sehingga bertemu denganMu~


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Allah's love ( Part 2 )

Think : who create everything around us?

Why did you keep your burden inside you
when you have Allah to tell it to?

why did you fear everyone might hate
when you have Him who understand you?

Why did you fill your heart with pain and anguish
when you have Him to fill it with eternal bliss?

why did you choose to settle in turbulence
when there's His pure love that speaks of peace?

Open your heart,
Let Allah wash away the hurt,

Embrance the greatest love..
He,alone could give you

Pray to Allah for He listen to all prayers,
believe in Him alone and not the deceiving others
Do what He says for He is your mentor,

Love Him truly and not the impostor

when you are in battle unarmed,

ley His love be your sword,

when you feel cold,

let His love warm you

when you stumble and fall,
let His love cacth you

when you have no more food to eat,

let His love fill your tummy

when you can no longer breathe,

let His love be your air

when you have no more to drink,

let His love be your water

when you are lost in the rain,
let Allah's love be your shade

when you are lost in the dark,
let His love be your light

when you can no longer see,

let His love be your sight

when you are wound in a fight,
let Allah's love stop your bleedings

when you are wronged in an argument,

let His love unleash what's true

When no ane understand you,

let Allah's love be searched

When no one listen to you,

let His love be heard

when no one believes in you,

let His love be seen

when no one trusts you,
let His love be serene

when you believe no body loves you,

let Allah's love be your confidence,

When you doubt nobody protects you,

let His love to be you defence

when you feel nobody cares for you,

let His Love heed

when someone fools you,

let Allah's love make you wiser

when someone belittles you,

let His love make you greater

when someone abandons you,

let His love show what to do

when you are weak,
let Allah's love be you stength

when you can no longer smile,

let His love be sent

when you are lost,
let His love be your way

when you can no longer speak,
let His love tell you what to say

when you are afraid,
let Allah's love be your protection

when you are confused,

let His love be your liberation

when you are hurting,

let His love be you therapy

when you feel like giving up,

let Allah's love push you

when you feel tired and fed up,
let His love purpose pursue

when you reach the pinnacle of your journey,

the angels of the heavens will welcome you finally

so go on,
walk on the road leading to His heavens' grandeur

dont't go a day without His love you will never falter,
don't let the devil deceive your heart,

Allah shall conquer it forever
hold on and believe in Allah's love
that's the best you can have
please never weep again,
and in your heart....

Let His Love remain


"And when My servants ask you concerning Me (tell them), I am nearby indeed, I answer the prayer of the supplicant when he prays to Me, so they should respond to My call, and believe in Me (that I possess all these attributes) so that they may proceed in the right way"
[Quran,2 ; 186 ]

"....indeed,the helping of Allah is always nearby"
[Quran, 2 : 214]


Friday, June 11, 2010

Allah's love ( Part 1 )

it is easy question to answer why I love Allah and Islam
but the difficult question to answer is :
Why Allah loves me ?

I love Allah because he loves me
whoever and whatever i am,
he loves me either i am ugly or sweet,
either i am strong or weak,
eother i am successful or failure,
either i am healthy or sick...

He gives not because he needs me to love Him,
not because he needs me to give back
and not even because i worth to take

but the only reason that He gives me is

Now the question that i can't answer is
why does He always love and caring with us?
even we are nothing comparing to Him....

now,please read this hadeeth and see how much tender,caring and loving Allah are...

the Prophet Muhammad said that Allah in the jedgement day will ask : Oh the son of Adam (the human being) : I was sick and you didn't visist me ?
the man will say : how would I visit you and you are the lord of the worlds?
Allah will say : didn't you know that one of men got sick, and you didn't visist him.If you visited him you would find me with him..
Allah will say : oh son of Adam,i asked you for food and you didn't feed me
man will say : how can i feed you and you are the lord of the worlds?
Allah will say : didn't you know that one of the men was hungry and you didn't give him food.If you fed him you would find me with him.
(Saheeh Muslim : 4661)

be continue,insyaAllah...