Monday, August 31, 2009

Last Breath
Album : Hafiz Hamidun

Munsyid : Hafiz Hamidun

From those around I hear a cry
A muffled sob,
a hopeless sigh
I hear their footsteps
leaving slow
And then I know
my soul must fly

A chilly wind begins to blow
Within my soul from head to toe
And then last breath escapes my lips
It's time to leave and I must go

So it is true but it's too late
They said each soul has its given date
When it must leave it's body's core
And meet with it's eternal fate

Allahurabbuna salimna

mark the words that I do say
Who knows tomorrow could be your day
At last it comes to heaven or hell
Decide which now do not delay

I cannot see,
my eyes are blind
Am I still me ?
Or has my soul been led astray ?
And forced to pay a priceless fee
Alas to dust we all return
Some shall rejoice while others burned
If only I knew
I knew it before
The line grew short
And came my turn

And now as beneath the sod
They lay me with my record flawed
They cry not knowing I cry worse
For they go home
I face my God


Come on my brother,
lets pray decide
Which now do not delay

Saturday, August 29, 2009



Everyday,when i woke up from the bed,i always think that i am is belong's to ALLAH SWT.Everything that i see.i hear,i touch,i do and i think will will be ask on the next world.i am aware all of that but i also always make a sin.why?...

why i am be like that?

i am confess that i am is a slave of ALLAH swt but sometimes,something that i do cause i feel i am become so far from HIM...

sometimes i will cry...i cry because i am confuse that what happen to me.i like a someone that wait for a something but i don't know what that i am waiting for.

sometimes,i feel that the time for me to pass away is become so close but when i am laugh with my friend,the death is like will not happen!

why i am feel like that?

sometimes my heart will be keep changing and my faith will up and down but i am always confident that i am is ALLAH's mine and i am so afraid when thinking about it...

I am attemp hardy to make HIM forgive all of my sin and i work hardly to give all of my love to HIM.

I love HIM so much and nothing will replace HIM on my heart forever...