Friday, November 20, 2009

This evening...One semester


This is a sad story of me...when someone that i know very well,even just for are bit time but it was made me sad

4.12 pm,a bit time friday,20 november 2008

me,kak fieza,kak nusaibah,rosni,nabihah,khamsiah and iza accompany ezati when waiting for her parents.she will go back to kedah and will not come here again.she will regester to study at the other college...

It was made us so sad...when she say "good bye..."a bit time ago...
my tears come out..immediately
and i saw kak fieza,iza, lovely roomate they also...
...cry with me...hehe

Ezati,hope you will get something better in anything that you do after that..indeed we all love you...UHIBBUKI FILLAH

That's a foods while celebrated the 'jamuan perpisahan' for ezati


what was i got here?
as a student...
as a daughter...
as a slave of Allah...

I got a new friends...
New experience...
New life...
and everything new in my life...
all of those cause me change...
a big change...
indeed,He was gave me the best for my life...

'eid celebration at medan taqafi,KTD

pck lee...driver bus of KTD

pck man...ex-driver bus of KTD

lecturer and student KTD


my roomate ...

my friends... week begin from 1.12.2009 we will take final examination and maybe that's my last post until break semester...
hm...break semester?i'm sure that i will be the 'penggosok baju yang setia' for my sister...hahaha
(I will stay with her and she will work for every day and i'm very very very very sure that i will bored stay alone at home)..haha

Saturday, November 14, 2009


When some of your teacher angry to you or make you stress, what do you feel? do you feel angry? sad, or hate. I am sure that you answer is yes but actually ,you should be happy when your teacher angry to you because it’s are sign that her still take care about you. why I’m saying like that? because, if she didn’t take care about you, she will not do anything that can cause you feel something.

Actually, what I’ve said recently is have a close relationship with the test that given by Allah Swt. In our daily life, we have many problem that sometimes we cannot solve it clearly. At this point, we will think that “why He give this test to me? did he hates me?”…my answer is no! because he will not hate anything that He was created, He is Ar Rahman and Ar Rahim. Indeed, everything that He given to us are sign of His love either that’s a test or enjoyable.

In Quran, Allah Swt was said

“Allah will not give the test to His slave outside of their ability”
(Al-Baqarah , 2 ; 284)

Here, we can understand that Allah Swt will not give any test to His slave outside of their ability and actually, all of the test that He gives to us is to escalate our stage inside beside Him and also to wipe out our smalls sin.

When we refer to the history of ulama’,we will found that they will feeling sad if Allah didn’t give them some of test because in their opinion, if Allah not give them some of test, that’s are sign that He was forget them. read this sentence clearly

“do you think that you will enter the heaven if you was not get the test like was given to the people before you?”
(Al-Baqarah. 2 ; 214 )

From this sentences, we can make the conclusion that we will not enter to the heaven that He promised to us if we never get the test from Him. The test that given by Him is not only comes in the worst thing such as destitution, sickness, and others but also it’s can come by something sick as the wealthy, pulchritude healthy and others. So, always take care about anything that He gives us because actually, all of that is the test to see how much our belief, our faith and our confidence toHim.

Now, when you get some of test that you think we cannot solve it, what should you do? cry? Wail? scream? Suicide? Or go out from Islam ? no ! don’t doing like that because if you do like that, it will not solve your problem but will enhance you problem in the next world and also will make a new problem to anyone around you. so, if you got some of test, you must


You should be patient in all the time even we know that it’s so difficult to be patient in all time but remember, all of the test that we got now is so not value compare to the tests that given by Allah swt to His lover, Muhammad Saw. Even Muhammad Saw is the messenger of Allah, he was got much of test that if its given to us, we will not able to solve it. so always think about this.


When you got some of test from Him, maybe it’s are sign that you was do something that can destroy your relationship with Him so, always pray with Him and ask His willing for our life.

“And when my slave asking to you ( Muhammad ) about me, indeed I’m very close. I give the request by someone that pray when they pray to me” (Al- Baqarah,2 ; 218 )

“And ask to Allah with patient and pray. Indeed, all of these are difficult except to anyone that focus”
(Al-Baqarah.2 ; 45)


After you are be patient and pray to Him, the other important thing that you must do is are confident.ypu must be confident in everything that you have asked to Him because if you do that, it’s are sign that you just put your hope to Him and also are sign that you always be a good thinking about Him

“… Remember, indeed the help of God is so close”
(Al-Baqarah,2 ; 214 )

We was know what should we do when we get some of test from Allah so now, change yourself and opinion about anything that you get from Him because maybe that’s a test from Him. We must remember that Allah knows everything about us.

“… If you hide anything in your heart of you represent it, Allah will know about it…”
(Ali Imran,3 ; 53 )


If you love Allah, He will love you too
And peoples also will love you and fine with you
If you hate Him, or feeling nothing about Him
You will not increase or decrease His power
He never need you
But actually you need Him in all the times
Islam also never need you
But actually you need Islam for your better life here, and there
If you chase the world
The next world will run far away from you
In contrast,
If you chase the next world
The world also will walk together beside you
Indeed ,
The world is nothing
But the next world is everything
Always keep yourself in mode zikrullah wa zikrulmaut
(remember Allah and remember about death in all time)
He know much about you
So make sure that you always try to know much about Him
You live here not just as an human
But also as a servant
And as a slave of Him
So that, always be aware
about your responsibility here
You live here is not just for now,
but also for later
not just for here
but also for there
not just your yourself
but also for the creator of yourself
Put Him in front in anything that you do !

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Honestly,I didn't have a time to do this (create new post)... moreover the final examination is become so close...but when i remember that everyone have 24 hours per day,why should i think like that?


sometimes,i think that i didn't want to update my blog anymore but when i remember that this is not just an aSsingment but also the trust from Allah..(Amanah dari Allah)...

i'm never accept this as an assigment but i think that's a some field to spread something... so my purpose here to spread anything about the truth..about the reality of us as a a a mu'min...(even my post here is not so good)

Hope He accept anything that we do as an Ibadah...


My Rabb has commad me to do nine things : be sincere at all times,in my exterior and interior,overthly and inside,privately and public. observe justice in All agreeable or disagreeable times,in happiness and in anger take the middle path wherever i am very poor or exteremely wealthy forgive the person who opress me connect with the person who cut his relationship with me give to the one who does nit give me my conversation to be the zikr of Allah make my silence to be that contemplation and reflection make my glance to be an ibrah(taking lesson from what i see)

I must strive to attain such this character so that i can enjoin good and forbid evil effectively..