Tuesday, February 8, 2011

what title should it be ?

salam , all praises to Allah for giving us life with fullest with ni'mah. Alhamdulillah.

I just finished watching Bloody Monday a few days ago..ok,i know.. i know..thats not a new drama and was aired long time ago ..hu2 but I don't have any chance and time to watch it before..haha... (bloody monday season 1 release in oct '2008 and season 2 release in jan 2010)

ok,now don't ask me if I like it or not coz my answer definitely gonna be YES!!! why? coz I like the msg and value that have in there..the friendship ,the trust,the believe,the revenge..the justice, family bonding...and of course the hacking part ..it is interesting to know that such knowledge :)

I'm not good in programming and yet i'm also not so good in another thing in computing field but after watching bloody monday, my spirit and curiosity to know more and more about computing field (my course)became so high....especially anything that related to networking, web, coding and others haha..thats why I write about this drama here... ~ thanks to 'the one' who giving me this drama.. :)

back to real life, this semester I took 7 course and 16 credit hour

1) Data Communication
2) Computer Security
3) ID
4) Math5
5) Web1
6) Computer maintenance and service
7) III

do pray for me ea :)

gud nite all :)

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