Tuesday, September 28, 2010

'I'm busy' kah??


semi-Finish Project:

1)Audio Video (Individual project) - 80% Finish

Project to do :

1) Audio Video (Group Project ) - need to make some Documentary. our topics [pembuang bayi]
need to go there to make some ''temubual''..
2) Animation (Individual Project)
3) Animation (Group Project - title : kisah Ilham)
4) Programming c++ (All of coding from beginning of this semester need to put in a CD and submit it in the end of this semester.make sure that the coding that you make can be build and produce the OUTPUT )
5) Data Base (use Ms Access)
6) English (make a questionaire, analysis and present at the end in this semester)

things to do everyday:

1) make revision of Data Base
2) try to understand Coding correctly
3) study how to use mm software

Target for this semester (from my P.A - Penasihat Akademik ): 3.21

c++ = c+
Data Base = B
Audio Video = A
Animation = A
English 3 = B+
Professional Ethics = B

target from me,myself : NONE!(never achive what i've been target,so I just let my P.A to give me the target for this sem -_-'' )

my wish : I want to change the time back to 15 month ago.Accept the bid from another college and take my favaurite field.however,It can't be done eternally so that just Accept the thing that given by Him for you,Aisyah! Remember that anything that he given to you is the best thing for your future.
keep your spirit up and always refresh you intention here

mode : 'I'm busy' kah??

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l bro m said...

tapi sesibuk kta x mmpu mnandingi sibuknya nabi
aku ingin muhasabah balik la