Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My Last Entry

salaam alaykum to all

this is my last entry for me,until I finish my final examination - math3 [1 ogos 2010 ] -please pray for me*

my short semester are not finish yet but the long semester (for this year) were beginning recently,even our first class for long semester will start in the next week,insyaAllah

nothing to say actually but just want to share some words that makes me thinking much about HIM (in this evening) while reading my senior's blog.I was get this words before (someone sent me in sms) but I just assume it as a word,forwarded by someone to someone else and now,the word come to me again,but in the different condition,really makes me thankful to HIM and think softly about all the 'hikmah' that HE given to me since before,until now...

thanks God !

I asked Allah for strength and
Allah gave me difficulties to make me strong
I asked Allah for wisdom and
Allah gave me problems to solve
I asked Allah for courage and
Allah gave me obstacles to overcome
I asked Allah for love and
Allah gave me troubled people to help
I asked Allah for favors and
Allah gave me opportunities
Maybe I received nothing I wanted but
I received everything I needed

p/s : don't forget to pray for my exam :)

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iqbalsyarie said...

Hmmm...sgt memberi inspirasi kata-kata yg kamu kongsikan tu.Terima kasih banyak...gudluck~!!
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