Monday, December 13, 2010

My Future?!


Still in Exam mood. Two paper left. Now, since study week , I am still with my ‘new schedule’ ~ go to college in early morning everyday and just back home at 9.00/10.00 pm . so tired but I must do that, to ‘cover’ my final examination..

Second year, third semester, here. Took the course that I’m never meant to be before, meet with everyone that I’m never think that they will be my friend, here ... learn to accept everything that given to me with fullest, here... trying my best to draw a new better life, here...

Here, here, here....



Thinking much,

Outside of my mind.huh!

As time running, day by day, time by time, I am always growing up, and yet, you also growing up such me.... Along the time, in our long journey, in our ‘growing up’ mission, we always striving and trying our best to achieve everything that we want. Sometimes, we try to get it by the right way but there’s time we dare to doing the forbidden things just to get what we want. Don’t you?

What actually our aim to live? Do we just live our life like others? Live without ‘something to get’?

Here, here, here...

there was time when I thought I was nobody, and there’s also time when I thought I was someone else..and now, what I always kept in mind is , I want to be somebody who is better than my current self. I want to be someone who could do what I enjoy the most and yet, does not make others feel trouble or miserable and still in the truth way. The only Truth way~ Imaan and Islam..

And now, once again the question cross my mind.Again, again and again..What my future-me will be?What actually I want to be in my future?

My future-me, not just here, but also there


Yup! ‘there’

In hereafter.

"wahai Tuhan yang Membolak-balikkan hati, tetapkanlah hati-hati kami didalam keimanan,dijalanMu, agar dapat kami bertemu denganMu kelak,di Akhirat yang abadi..."

~disana ada sungai-sungai madu dan susu yang mengalir tenang, dihiasi dengan permata marjan dan zabarjad yang berkilauan..sungguh! inginku kesana namun gusarku tak mampu..gusarku tidak diterima..lantas, what my future-me will be? ;((

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z@i said...


selamat ber xam..

selamat baca buku..

semoga dapat no 1

selamat balik sabah

dan selamat belajar, belajar dan belajar


selamat wat preparation untuk ke 'sana' juga =)