Tuesday, August 28, 2012

at this age

Bismillah..Assalamualaikum guys..

at this age, i still breathe like yesterday as His servant. Alhamdulillah... God, thanks for everything that you have given to me, yesterday, today and tomorrow.. hope that I'll be able to see You one day, in hereafter.. I love you, God..Allah~

breathing in, breathing out like yesterday and now, i'm still looking for a job before continue my study but i didn't find it  yet..oh God, i'm so tired of being "Penanam anggur yg berjaya" i'm so bored with this anggur2 that gave me nothing but lemak2 that makes me 'mengembang'  ~~~ help me, help me..ak nk kuruss..ak nk kurussss

this is anggur...hehe :P


thats all..dunno what to write, just wanna update this blog.. and sorry If you feel that you get nothing by reading my blog..if you like it, then read it..if you hate it, then just leave it ..hoho

oh,oh...dah2 la merapu tuh cik aisyah oiiii ~_~

okbai, Assalamualaikum... luv u all..muah3x!!! :)

p/s : yesterday, today, now , tomorrow and forever.. you will always be my friend...always be my friend. :)

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