Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The garbage, Rotten egg and THE RESPONSIBILITY


As we growing up, we will go through many types of problems either it is about the conflict within our own self or with the other person.

Today, something happened to me. something that makes me feel that, i should pure my attention of doing something. So the story today is all about the  commitment or the responsibility and trust.  As human, sometimes we tend to forget and neglect the responsibilities entrusted upon us, so is imperative to supervise and remind each other

In my life, I always take care about the commitment when someone giving me trust to do so. so, in our rent house (I am not stay at hostel this semester so that I am staying with my friends at a rent house for student) , the leader of this house already created the schedule for us to clean our house everyday such as to clear the garbage, swept the house and clean up the toilet. everyone in our house will do those task in partner (there are 12 members in our house) .My partner and I got the turn to do those task every Tuesday....but......

..but yesterday I didn't do the task to throw the garbage from our kitchen even though the big garbage can (for all student in this neighborhood) just placed infront of our house because I saw the person who should throw that garbage yesterday did not perform her task so that there's already so much garbage inside the dustbin in our kitchen  at that time, so I just think that..Erm..someone will throw that garbages tomorrow (it will be today) so when the today is coming no one clean up that gabbage and then our house leader (err...ketua rumah??) came to me and asked me... 

"kak aisyah..did you clean the garbage yesterday?" and I just shook my head and said "nope" without feeling guilty (dalam hati - sebab org hari tu pun tak buang. org hari ni pun tak buang) .. huhu..And she said "ok..then please do it later"

After a few minutes, I go to wear my skirt and put my hijab on my head then go to kitchen to take the dustbin and sigh~so much garbage in the dustbin and it smell worst..ewww.. I see the "telur busuk" also.  At that time I just feel unsatisfied and keep asking why did the person who should bring this garbage out of this house today didn't do her task? Why should I do this..the dustbin already full garbage for three days..and then angryly I took the garbage out from the dustbin (with the plastic) and bring in outside but.............. while I took that garbage bag (I did not bring the garbage with the dustbin), I see the rotten egg already flow out from the plastic and then its spread its "lendir" along my way to the outside of the house and the immadiately the bad smeel spread around the house.. .


I forget to tell that our rent house is in the second floor so when we want to clean the garbage, we must bring the garbage down the house, and of course we are using when the "lendir of telur busuk" flow out from the garbage bag, it also dirty the stairs ..wuwuwu. T_T~

so that, this evening, I have to clean the stairs and the kitchen also instead of just clean up the garbage. for the stairs, I have to clean it with detergant and softener to make it smeel good..wuwuwuu again T_T~ indeed..the smeel of  rotten egg or "telur busuk" is sooo bad and worstttt T_T~


From my story above, I want to share that, whenever you get a  Responsibility to do something, you MUST do that. Do with a good intention (because of Allah ) and when someone don't do their responsibility to finish their task, then remind them! Instead of blaming them for not doing the task, PLEASE Remind them to do so and do not follow that bad manner (not doing the responsibility)

In Quran Allah said..

“Whosoever does righteous good deed, it is for (the benefit of) his ownself; and whosoever does evil, it is against his ownself. And your Lord is not at all unjust to (His) slaves”
[Fussilat 41:46]

“And fulfil (every) covenant. Verily! The covenant, will be questioned about. ” 
Surat Al-Israa, Verse 34)


So, that is my story and sharing tonight, next I will update my blog as much as I can .. hehe

so, here  I want to share the difference of these three word with same meaning~

garbage , trash , rubbish = sampah(In malay)

garbage = the sampah2 from Kitchen = North Amerika English

Trash = The sampah2 such as paper, packaging = North Amerika English

Rubbish = British English

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