Wednesday, June 20, 2012

here I come

so, here I come..come to see my 'berhabuk' blog that I didn't update for a few month.. huuuuu.....

breathing in..breathing out..

this nite, this moment, this this time, dunno why, and i dunno y i miss ..i miss and i misssssss that someone..i'm longing to someone that set me free from who i am.. i miss, i miss..i'm longing to you, beb.. but sadly that someone that i miss the most didn't miss me at all...  that someone didn't miss me and that someone will never miss me again....cuz, rite now that someone happy with someone else...huhuhuhu...

eh3...ntahapapalah aku merapu nihh.......huuuuuuuu

ok2 so thats all la..

note : 10 july - speaking , 28 july - reading, writing, listening .


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