Thursday, March 17, 2011

who want to be hacker?

salaam to all.. hye?how are you? kaifa halukum ? annyong sayo ? Ogenki desu ka ? ae habbal ?
hope that everything ok :)

It's been a while that I'm not write in english here.. coz why? coz my english is not good enough ,haha.. but nevermind,I just try my best okeh ..:)

I want to be hacker.yup! I want to be hacker (but I'm not good enough in programming,..haha) ermm..actully,I just curious and sooo curious about hacking.. what we need to be a hacker? what type of ability that should we have to be a hacker? what..what...what..what...

ok,now I will share my knowledge about referring to what I've learn but before you know what is hacker? and what the different of hacker and cracker (bukan cracker yg biskut tu yerrr)

hacker : someone that have an interest to know deeply about computer system and networking. usually,hacker will enter another computer system to looking for the system's weakness. (read here )

cracker : exactly the same with hacker BUT cracker is more malicious then hacker because cracker enter the other sytem and broke or alter their data... (so most of computer's crime have done by Cracker,not Hacker .. tu yg korang copy software secara haram tuh,siap crack2.. ha..korang ni cracker la..hakhak ) (read here)

Back to the topic, If you really wants to be hacker (or cracker) you must know and expert about :

- for programming, every programming language is good but it depend to what do you want learn and expert expert to. you can chose either to study C++,Java,phyton,Visual Basic and other.. but now,most of application use java as their programming language .

- for networking, you must know atleast about basic networking (TCP/IP concept). the protocol and topology .

3.operation system (OS)
- besides programming and networking, you should know about operating system too because it is the field where you will do you hacking project.
start with closed youself with OS that you use (window? Mac ? linux? ) . to make an experiment, linux is the best choise because it is free sources so that you don't have to spend money to buy it. besides, linux is easy to install and its graphical user interface easier to understand.

- internet is the most important knowledge that you must know to be an hacker. for internet, you should know about web programming. you can start with basic HTML programming and continue to PHP to make you familiar with these web programming.

ok...Its all,my,my question is do you already expert in these four things? if not, continue learning..learn and learn till you can be a hacker/crakcer..

note : good news, you don't have to be expert in mathematics to be an hacker or cracker..haha
note 2 : yey!!lusa balik kedah..cuti midsem dah bermula hari nih ..Alhamdulillah .. :)


Siti Khadijah Mn said...

Hehe. Funny 'manglish' but a good effort. Keep it up! Practice makes perfect!

I like this article anyway. Thanks for sharing. May Allah bless you :)

Aisya Whatever said...

thanks for dropping by ur cooment here sis..about 'manglish' ,haha..i'm always using it,it makes my brain working..ehe..

practice make perfect :)