Thursday, April 22, 2010

eXaM ... zZzZzZ

why exam??

in every day,every minute,every second

my mind,mind heart,my self

always thinking about it...stress with the condition


so bored.....


i'm not a struggle person

i'm never never and never focus 100% with my learning

because i think

i'm not slearn my subject because of the exam

but I MUST take it

why me?

my head is so sick

feeling hurt




"aisyah...jom kite g study."afiqah

"sori arr fiqa..fiqa g arr study ngan nati."

sori my friend

i don't know how to be a struggle student

feeling suck with the condititon around

everyone busy

and time is running

2 weeks left to


my head is so sick

don't like eXam

Phobia with ExAm...


so Scared


something was remind me...

when i recite my Meroon 'book'

i found something..

yes ! i fond something that i'm already know but sometimes i'm forget to think deeply about it

"...though it is hard for you. But it may be that a thing is hard upon you though it is (really) good for you, and it may be that you love a thing while it is bad for you. Allâh knows (all things) while you do not know." (Baqarah 2 ; 216)

thank GOD...

and help me in my final exam later

help me

help my friends

help anyone around me

give us the best guidance

if YOU give the fail with me...with us,

make me...make us more closer with you

and if YOU give me...give us the sucsessful,

don't leave me...don'd leave us

and make the sucsessful as a something

that cause me...that cause us

more closer with YOU

thank you ALLAH

(post merapu2..kepala sakit..pening memikirkan semakin dekat tapi persediaan tak cukup lagi..nak struggle tapi xbole paksa bila kepala dah 'hang' .. nak hafal n faham coding programming..rumus statistik..math..moga Allah bantu)

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