Tuesday, September 15, 2009

NOW,i am stay alone at open lab,Ktd.actually i want to calm down my feeling.tomorrow i don't have any test like today...now,i am feel so alone and i want to cry but i don't know why i must cry.am i sad?why?i think just because Raya will coming on this week...hehe...that is the simple reason for me.

Raya will coming and i am not feeling well.boring...i am feel so lonely.last night i try to call my mum but something was happen and i can't talk with my mum like usual.so sad..actually,i don't know what i want to write here.i just want to avoid myself with my other friends bacause i know,they still talking about Raya like last night..we are don't understand what are i(and other 'budak sabah') feel.they just can see and say "la..caml down la..lama2 besa la tu..skg kan baru sem 1"

About the latest post in this blog,i was prepare many things to write here but still in Bahasa Malaysia...i am not expert on english language(but i like it) and that's why i wrote my post on BM first besides i want to make sure that my post is have quality and can give the benefit for anyone who read it and not just because of 'someone need me to do that.....(hahaha)'

Ok,now i want go to the musalla.Asar will coming..i will go back to the hostel at 4.30 PM...InsyaALLAH...

............Forgive me because i wrote something that.....(erm..merapu-rapu)..

~REMINDER : DON'T DO SOMETHING FOR NOTHING..(but i think i do it now...)

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