Friday, September 11, 2009

Don't Judge A Book By It's Cover

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"Aisyah,can you smile?" "yes,Afiqah.why do you ask?"

"haha...why do you don't like to smile?"

"every day i smile smile and laugh with you"i am said.confused.

"i mean,you seldom to smile and make you face pleasant.huhu..."

"do you want me to smile all the time like an insane?"

"you know aisyah,sometimes when people see you,they don't know what do you think about them.sometimes,i see you like hate anyone"


"because you dont like to smile and make you face more pleasant"

"hi..thanks afiqah,I love you...i will try to change myself about it,ok"

(actually i am already know about it and you is not the first person who tell me about it)

*lecturer coming....


Room A14
Asrama Siswi
Taman Tanjung Chat


"Aisyah,what do you not satisfied with me?"asked my senior.she's my roommate

"why did you ask like that to me?"

"because you can laugh with anyone in our close to them but with me,you always show that you don't like me do you hate me?"she asked.

"sis,can you don't judge a book By it's cover?i am not always stay in our room.everyday i will go back here from college on late evening and you also always stay in your friend's room"i am said

"but why do you not smile to me when you see me at college and or anywhere?"

"sis.actually i do like that not with you only but with anyone also.please forgive me.i am a someone who seldom to smile."


'Asslamualaikum,sis. kaifa haluki?asywaqtu fi kum'
(how are you?I miss you)

'Waalaikumussalam wbt.ana bi khair.Alhamdulillah wa nti?'
(I'm fine.Praise to Allah.How about you?

'wa ana aidhan'
(me too)


this is the message from my senior at im in primary school.know,she's in form5. suddenly i am remember when the
first time she knowing me.Actually she don.t like me very much because i was fine her when she are not going to the
Musalla.besides,i am not close with my senior and i also seldom to smile until one day,when i am be her
Naqibah(leader on islamic group) in Usrah(group to share and discuss about a member problem and Islam)...

"sis,i am

never think that you are like that"

i am just smile and said

"one advise for you,my dear...Don't Judge A Book By it's


I am always thinking about why do people like to judge a book By it's cover?they like to make a conclusion before
make an observation first.Are this is an our Fitrah?i also ever think like that about a something or someone that i see
but l always try and try to not doing like that anymore because i think,when we judge a book By its cover,we have a
potential to find the bad attitude of someone and it is the same like Hus Al- Zhan(bad guess) about them and the Hus
Al-Zhan is not good for our Health of Faith i was through many condition that change my perception about anything
around me and Sometimes,something that we think is black are white and something that we think is white are black

so,thinking hardly about it...

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n.nuruliman corner said...

that's true my dear...most people easily judge ourself based on what their have seen..
u know why?...since they doesn't look with they heart but only look by their eyes..
Whatever it is, i want u to know that i'm always be your supporter...
---QUE SERA...SERA...---