Wednesday, September 2, 2009

do you think about it?

My main purpose to write on this blog is to remind myself and also for everyone who willing to read it about realiti of our life as a slave of Allah SWT.

I am not a someone that expert on this field,I am not a someone that clear from the sin,but i just a someone that try and try to get redha and Heaven of Allah SWT and to be a someone that can remind anyone about the realiti of our life.

when we discuss about that,someone will make a question,"why Allah choose me to live on this world?better I am not choosen because live on this world have so much of challenge and after we die,we are not confirm to go to His Heaven".this is the question who asked by someone that don't know about the realiti of our life.Actually,Allah creat us from the something that nothing is to give the Heaven for us...the Heaven that full of enjoyable but to get it,we must live as a slave of Allah SWT on this world first.Allah SWT is our creator so that's why only the rule from Him that suitable for us.

Actually,the rule that create by Allah SWT is not to encumber His slave but as a sign of His love to us.for example,Islam oblige us to perfom a Soleh five times every day but certain of a follower of Islam accept it as a burden but actually,when we investigate,the solah is good for our healty especially when we perfom it in pilgrim because it can balance our positive and negative charge of body.besides,the obligation to cover the 'Aurat for women is not to burdeb then but to protect their honour from impure.

although we are understand about all that i was said recently,certain of us still assume that the obligation from Allah SWT is burden us.why we are still thinking like that?are we aware the Heaven that He was promise to us is not value compare to our sacrifice from Him.Our sacrifice on doing the obligation,our sacrifice to find His 'redha and our sacrifice to be a real mu'min is so not sacrifice compare to the Heaven that He was promise to us,to His slave who always have faith on Him...

the world is not a field for us to play,to make a something that we like but the world is the field that full of challenge that demand us to gather much of regard from Him but like what that i am said recently,our sacrifice to get it is so not value compare to His promise.for example,we just sacrifice 30-40 years only to make Him accept us to go to His Heaven but the Heaven that He promise to us is infinite...without an expired date.If we get it,we will there for forever and never end!we will never die forever!
from here,we can see all the big different about our sacrifice compare with the present from Him...

so,think hardly about it!!!

.......only ALLAH SWT that eligible to be worship.......

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